Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Wings of a Different Kind

This has been in the works for some time and I don't know what I haven't finished it.

It was inspired by this quilt but, having boys, I went with a (slightly) more masculine colour scheme.   The butterfly shapes were mostly found on Google images and they printed off and used as templates.  I bought a blue charm pack from The Cotton Patch and used fusible stuff to attach to some white cotton.  I then had blanket stitched them in matching embroidery thread.

I did plan to FMQ in the white space, but didn't know how and all attempts were disastrous so I hand quilted the lot in a very pale blue - it took ages.  I tried to echo the butterfly shapes to make it look like air movements caused by their wings.
All that is needed now is to embroider some words from Psalm 139 (but a version from a song by a band called Eden Burning, whom I loved when I was a student).  The white paper shows more or less where the wording will go, with 'Psalm 139' and 'Eden Burning' to go in the bottom spaces.
The plan is that this quilt will hang on the wall but I noticed when I hung it up that it is a bit wonky now from the hand quilting.  I also don't know how well it will wash either with all those dark blues and white.  Perhaps that is why I am scared to finish it, in case it all goes wrong?


  1. Such a beautiful quilt, I love the colours.

  2. This is exquisite!
    Great design, great colours, AMAZING HAND QUILTING - swoon!

    Btw, a large quilt I made is now hanging on a wall, and is totally wonky, and I love it that way. It was made BY HAND and with GREAT LOVE, and that's not gonna hang straight no matter what! Just enjoy this beauty.

  3. I love the blue, the butterflies, and the quilting! Great job!

  4. So lovely, I adore how the butterflies look! Great job!

  5. Such an exquisite quilt!! Love, love, love the blue butterflies flying on the white background!! And....the hand quilting......'tis beautiful!!