Friday, 23 August 2013

Paper Pieced Pillow

Well technically it is a cushion since I'm British, but that doesn't alliterate so well.

A little while ago (months ago actually) I was fortunate enough to win a paper piecing pattern from the lovely Kristy at Quiet Play as part of the paper piecing link up and I finally got the chance to make it this week. 

I think it looks a bit like a spider in the middle, it must be the slightly webby fabric I chose.  Fortunately I like spiders!  The pattern came together really easily and only one point doesn't match so I was really pleased.  This is only my 3rd excursion into paper piecing.
Our sofa in the lounge is navy blue so this goes really well on there but the light is better in the conservatory for photos. 
The solids had been bought to make a quilt for our bedroom but I couldn't resist them for this and it look less than one WOF strip in each colour to make, so I should have plenty left.  I paired them with Essex linen as always.
The back is linen also, with a covered zip closure.

DS2 has also been sewing today.  He wanted to make a pencil case to hold his fabric pens (he likes to draw his own designs on t-shirts, I buy cheap white ones in Tesco and it keeps him occupied.)
He often drives the foot pedal whilst I steer, but this time he wanted to do it all himself - zip  and appliques included! 
He drew out a design and selected the fabric.  He chose a nice heavy drill so it didn't need to be quilted or lined.
(I had tidied my craft room, but all the sewing in the last couple of weeks has made a big mess again.  Oh well, I would rather be making than tidying any day of the week)
Here he is with the finished product with not a stitch sewed by me.
 And a gratuitous close-up to show his stitching (and colouring).  I think for a (just) 10 year old, he did very well indeed.
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  1. Love the pillow!! <3 beautiful colors

  2. your fabric choices in the pillow are really beautiful. I love the illusion they create!

    Thanks for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  3. Both of your projects turned out wonderful! I just had to show my son - he's not the only guy interested in sewing! Thanks for sharing each of these great finishes!

  4. My youngest used to sew with me. He no longer sews but helps with lots of other things in the sewing room. Love to see boys doing this. His pencil case looks awesome!

  5. I love your pillow/cushion!
    I have a navy sofa and these are definitely 'my' colours!
    Huge congratulations to your son! do I see a quilt in his sewing future??

  6. Your cushion looks fantastic! Love your colour choices.

    Your son's pencil case is wonderful. I think that's very impressive for 10 - love the little shirts appliqued onto it!

  7. can see your son is taking after Mum and will be a great sewer

  8. Beautiful job and adorable helper ;)

  9. A 10-year-old made that zip pouch?! Mine look less polished than that. He did great!

    I love the Herringbone print you used in your cushion. You're right, it looks spidery--and the pattern reads so different in the center of the star compared to the binding. Good fabric choices, and your piecing looks perfect!

  10. What a beautiful cushion, love the pattern. Good for your son putting in zippers, I avoid them frequently!

  11. Great cushion design! Well done!

  12. Love you cushion! Very impressed with the pencil case!
    Handling zippers at 10!

  13. I love the colors you chose in the pillow - great block

  14. I can't decide which I like more, the pillow or the pencil case :)
    But I'm mighty impressed that a 10 year old can do such a good job! Impressive!

  15. Cool PP pattern. Good job on the case too :-)