Thursday, 13 June 2013

... When it is a Coventry!

I went to university in Coventry which, like Dresden, is a beautiful old city heavily bombed during WWII.  Coventry and Dresden are twinned cities.  Coventry has 2 cathedrals now, one is old and traditional and now ruined and next to it is the modern one.  I love both.  So many quilting parallels!

When my Dresden went wrong, it seemed fitting to redo it and rename it and call it a Coventry - well it made sense to me. (See yesterdays post if you missed it.)

This is bound in the Simply Colour Ombre solids which I am completely in love with.  Each piece is only 18cm long so the colour change is quite subtle, but each is darker at the top and lighter at the bottom - such a good idea (Vanessa not me!)

I love this quilt so much more like this.  I just can't decide whether to have it hanging on the wall, or flat on my breakfast bar.

I learnt several new things with this quilt:
  1. Don't Fear the (seam) Ripper (Blue Oyster Cult anyone?)
  2. My walking foot is awesome - why was I so afraid to use it???
I'm linking this one with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it Friday.


ps  Having pieced all those little bits for the top and bottom strips, I then found a whole 2 yard piece!

pps I almost forgot the blog hop! Please visit todays contenstants...

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  1. This is looking wonderful now. I love the simply color line, especially the ombre solids and this piece displays them beautifully :)

  2. Beautiful! The quilting is really good. I really need to practice more. X

  3. I love this! Talk about recycling! It turned out beautiful and I love the name too (especially after I read yesterday's post and it made sense!).

  4. I really really like this! That fabric line is so fun and you did such a great thing with it! I love the quilting too!

  5. This is so lovely! Great quilting too!

  6. Very nice quilting! Love your colors too. Pretty!

  7. The walking foot is a gem isn't it?! I like all the bold colors you used.

  8. Hello Ali,

    How wonderful! I had to stop by and visit your blog when I saw the title of the post. I've made quilts to represent Wolverhampton and Dudley. Between us we could have the Midlands sewn up.

    Hang it on the wall, definitely. It's gorgeous. You can't risk getting egg on it.


    PS My Dad remembered the night Coventry was bombed. He could see the glow in the sky of the fires from Walsall.

  9. Love the colours and the quilting is really effective :)

  10. i love this, it's totally amazing!!

  11. This quilt is gorgeous! I just love that line of fabric. Can hardly wait to get some of her new line too.

  12. I love seeing posts about things not quite working out and the always-so-much-better results of a quilter working it out! :) Your walking foot quilting looks fantastic, and suits the design very well.