Monday, 17 June 2013

Paper Pieced Rose

When I used to do a lot of paper crafting I had a blog called Paper Piecing, so I found it really funny to find that there was a quilting version too!

This is my first attempt at paper piecing quilt-stylie.  I bought a pattern from Piece by Numbers on Etsy last year, but it is only this week that I got up the courage to try it.  I am rather please by the results although, as you can see below - it isn't perfect!  Those little pink threads are actually the raw edge showing (gasp!).  I am hoping to catch them under the linen with a couple of hand stitches.

The coloured fabrics are Simply Colour by V&Co.  (I'm not sponsored or anything - I just really like it!)  When I made my Coventry wall hanging I used part of one strip from a junior jelly roll and this was made with the remainder of those strips.  I still have 2 whole strips of each colour, so expect plenty more projects with this!  I started with the light pink and dark aubergine in the centre and went out to dark pink and light aubergine.  The solid is my favourite Essex Linen in natural.

Now all I have to do is decide what to make with it, I'm leaning towards a cushion but it is a bit small at the moment.

I also want to show you 2 pictures of Big D and Little D.  DS2 decided that what his Daddy would really like for Fathers' Day was a t-shirt with a picture of them both doing archery (my husband's hobby).  We took the photos and then printed them off on photo transfer paper with a BEST DAD message.  Ironed on a white t-shirt and all done.

DH proudly wore the t-shirt all day!  (Oh and the weird stuff behind DS2 is a homemade tardis console - obviously!)

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  1. Your paper pieced rose is beautiful! I am trying paper piecing right now, too, with the BoM at Quiet Play. It's fun to make something that wouldn't really be possible with traditional piecing!

  2. I love your rose. I just started paper piecing myself. However, the blocks that I made were relatively easy. I would like to try what you did.

  3. Your rose looks just beautiful - great idea to use the ombre prints from Simply Color!

    Oh and it's so easy to make that mistake with fabric not being quite big enough to cover each section - I've done it more than once ;)

  4. OK, seriously that rose lights up my day. I just loooove it so much! The Essex linen you chose for the outer looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing your finish on this one!!!

  5. My son really wants a bow,but he is 5. We are going to wait another yr or too so he will be strong enough to pull back the weight sufficiently. Daddy has recently bought one. Your son and hubby look like they are enjoying themselves.

    I did a paper pieced block today from the Lucky Stars BOM for June and in the end I like it as far as the color choices. I did not get a few points to match up so I am a little disappointed about that area. I tried and tried,seam ripped about 4 times and then had to step back and leave it be. I kinda like the wonkiness of the center now!

    Those darn edges are hard to get every time. I have used fray check on the from time to time if nothing else works.

    Such a gorgeous rose block:):):)

  6. wow, your rose is fantastic!

  7. Mmmm purtee. I really am going to have to give this paper piecing lark a go!