Monday, 3 June 2013

More Birdies

I usually wear statement neclaces (costume jewellery only sadly!) but have found myself leaning more towards brooches recently  - probably mainly because I can sew them!

The blue bird was made first and was to wear on my birthday as we had to make some of the team redundant that day and I was really NOT looking forward to it.  A cheerful little blue bird, together with lots of cake, really helped. (The good news is that most of the people who lost their jobs actually wanted to leave anyway.)

Bluey is made of felt from this shop which has a lovely texture and variagated colour.  The legs are fake suede thong used for beading.  I used some pelmet stiffener between two layers of body felt and 2 layers of wing felt which made him nice and firm.  I also used some iron on interfacing on his tummy patch to help stop it from fraying. 

The purpley bird was made from a suede jacket I bought for £2.59 in a second hand shop.  (bargain) You may well see lots of other things made from that jacket as it is a gorgeous colour.

I'm linking this to Plum and June and Life's Rich Pattern for their Monday Link up.

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  1. cute little birds :) I can see a tiny one being made into a clip for hair!

  2. The bird brooches are very cute! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. I love these little birds!
    P.S. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. You're currently a 'no-reply' blogger but if you reply to my comment I'll have your email address and can reply to your comment ;o)