Monday, 3 June 2013


I have always been a sewer (sewist?) and have tended to buy thread for a specific project and then leave it an a bag with the remnants which ended up in a big cupboard with lots of other bags.  When I took up quilting I decided I needed a way to organise my thread which was a little more sensible.

I decided to make a thread holder and so had a rummage in my husbands wood collection where I found a nice bit of ply.  Some nifty work (by me!!!) with the jig saw and an owl was cut out.  (He does have 2 wings - the big reel of black is hiding one.)  I then hammered in some big nails.  I'll be honest, they aren't all at the same angle, but I figured the reels would hide that!  The eys and beak are leather with gorgeous slate buttons from North Wales.


I could really do with another owl (or perhaps a pusscat?) as I have too much thread, but he is a big improvement on the old system.  He hangs on the wall above my machine so is in easy reach.

Whilst on the subject of thread - here is a bit of gorgeousness.  I inherited this from my granny and I can't bear to use it.


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  1. What a great idea. It turned out so well. Thanks for sharing.