Saturday, 1 June 2013

Quilting for Boys - Part 1

This is quilt number 3 and was made for my DS2.  He loves colour so a rainbow quilt seemed in order, but a boyish one.  This was made with 2 fat quarter bundles from Hobbycraft and an extra purple.  I cut the FQs into strips and then cut those to different lengths.  I alternated solid with patterned.  I tried to ensure that the joins were staggered but that is harder than I thought.  There a few things I would  change if I did it again: there is too much red, not enough purple; The purple joins line up too much with the blue; and the fabric is not very good quality.
I quilted it just inside each brick in a matching colour.  I used the same colour on the bobbin as well so there is a rainbow of bricks on the back also.  I couldn't get a decent picture of this.  I quilted the border in the same colours.
Things I learnt with this quilt:
  1. Don't use cheap red cotton fabric - even with 6 colour catchers it ran and the border is now pink at the top.
  2. Random is actually really hard.
Still, it is all part of the learning process and my DS2 loves the quilt, so I guess that is all that matters!  He likes to have the red bit near his head as that bit is 'warmer' - apparently the blue bit is cold!!


  1. I love the stitched rainbow!

  2. Gorgeous!! I want to make a rainbow quilt someday.

  3. I am sure he does love it! It is wonderful, colorful, and filled with love.

  4. that is a beautiful quilt made with love and obviously well loved! the rainbow quilting is awesome too! I have heard seasoned quilters say that you learn something with each and every quilt you make. I can certainly testify to that! Glad the boy loves it!