Thursday, 20 June 2013


I have made a bit more progress with my paper pieced rose which I have decided to make into a cushion (pillow).  I made a simple 9 patch for the back of the cushion with some more Simply Colour from my charm pack.  These are the pieces which did not make it into my Dresden / Coventry.

I have basted the layers together using my favourite method of big tacking stitches in cheap thread.  I have seen lots of debates about pinning versus spray but nobody seems to tack.  I have tried pinning but don't like it when I am quilting as they always seem to get in the way.  I haven't tried spray as I don't have anywhere I could use this which would not make a sticky mess.  Tacking really works for me and I have used it on all my quilts so far.

Does anyone else tack?


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  1. Your rose is so pretty! What a nice quilting piece at this time of your when the real roses are in full bloom.

  2. I tacked my first quilt but found it very time consuming.

    I now spray. I do this in my living room which is carpeted! The first time I spray basted I did it on a small quilt on my kitchen table and the oilcloth table cloth is still tacky (it's been over a month). I've basted three quilts on my living room floor since then and the carpet is none the worse! (I learnt this through reading a tutorial on Film in the Fridge - check it out!)

  3. Your cushion is going to be beautiful!
    I don't tack anymore. I used to when I first started quilting. I pin. I have never used spray.