Friday, 31 May 2013

Friday Finishes

Working in a school means that I get school holidays off with the kids.  This is great for us as a family as we don't have to worry about childcare, but sometimes personally frustrating as I only have time off with them.  However this week they have been busy making a Doctor Who episode (I helped make sets and costumes and they then filmed and added special effects).  This left me free to play.

This started off as a play on my new sewing machine with some shiny Gutterman threads.  I had some grey essex linen and I thought the threads would show up well (which they do in real life just not in my photo!)

I used the various satin stitch options and came up with this freehand peacock feather.

Having seen lots of 3 zip pouches on blogland I decided to have a go myself,

My local market provided the zips which (almost) match and I found some (almost) matching fabrics to make the pouch linings.


(The purple and blue are Oakshott as they are my LQS - lucky me!)

The boxed bottom means that I can fill all 3 pockets (they all reach the bottom).

Now all I have to do is decide what to use it for - any ideas??


(edited to add - linked to Crazy Mom Quilts Finish up Friday)


  1. FABULOUS pattern!! Your feather is jumping out at me in its pretty colors!

  2. Seriously love the zippers.

  3. Lovely! We were living in Cheltenham last year and I did an online order with Oakshot and got personal delivery, I felt very lucky too!

  4. That's beautiful! I love the vibrancy of the zips and how they match the lining fabric! I'm not going to say anything about the feather as it speaks for itself!

    Oh and lucky you having Oakshott at your lqs. I've yet to see it in person. One day maybe! X

  5. Gorgeous! Your peacock feather is stunning!

  6. Oakshott isn't at my LQS, Oakshott are my LQS!! (well the closest thing to a LQS in my town)

  7. I love the bright colours on the plain background, and the matching zippers.