Friday, 21 June 2013

Doris & Ethel

These are my Friday Finishes for the week (I'm still trying to decide how to quilt my Rose).  I am a big fan of the Tilda range by Tone Finnanger and these are cupcake angels from the Tilda's Studio book.  I named them Doris and Ethel, Ethel is a little shy and Doris is quite bossy.  The eyes are always the last bit I do as they are not 'alive' until they have eyes.  And yes, I cried all through Toy Story 3!
I made them quite a bit thinner than the pattern showed and I also gave them pantaloons as they seemed a little indecent without them.  They don't have wings and I am keeping them that way.  I am sure Angels hide their wings sometimes anyway.

Sorry for rambling, DS1 is 12 today and he had us up at 5:30 this morning (having been up late wrapping pressies the night before!)
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  1. So cute. Love Doris and Ethel and their pantaloons.

  2. Those dolls are sweet and I think their names are perfect! Nice to see you cared enough to make them some pantaloons, too! Just checking in to see how the paper pieced rose is coming along....


  3. So cute! Love their names :)

  4. Oh my goodness, Doris and Ethel are quite adorable! I love their pantaloons and I love their little hairstyles! The quilt in behind is very pretty as well. Enjoy the birthday celebrations!